Quora do not currently have an API (Application Programming Interface) available for third party applications to integrate into Quora i.e. posting questions and getting answers through an API. So it got me thinking in terms of “what if” it did?

Most people in Africa do not have access to the internet via a smartphone or computer. This limits their access to information thereby restricting their growth and inhibiting their efforts at day-to-day problem solving.

If Quora had an API, we could develop a system allowing people with access to only a cell phone to be able to post questions to Quora by sending an SMS. The system would thereafter poll Quora for answers and relay the answers back to the person asking the question via the SMS. So this would give all those people in Africa access to a worldwide network of experts on Quora simply through an SMS. Quora releasing an API, would literally allow us to plug the whole of Africa into Quora.

I’ve already developed an SMS gateway for two way communication between the website and a person sending/receiving an SMS. Extending the functionality to integrate with Quora would be relatively simply. Getting funding for a project like that would be quite the endeavour.

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